Salford college urged to consult community on cuts

Branch will write to college governors calling for budget cuts to be suspended to allow talks with local community

UNISON speaking up for public services placards tied to railing

UNISON is writing to Salford’s only dedicated sixth form college, asking it to suspend planned budget cuts and talk to the local community, following a public meeting on Monday evening.

Salford UNISON branch secretary Steven North, who chaired the meeting, said no-one blamed the college for the government attack on its resources, but “this is our college and we do want a say on how the resources it does have are used.

“When we see proposals to cut student support and counselling so that the college can buy more expensive IT equipment, we want to be able to voice another opinion.”

Promising to write to the chair of the college’s governors, Mr North added: “We believe the college will respond positively to this and recognise there is a lot of talent and experience in this city.

“It should put plans on hold until we’re given a chance to have our say. That’s all we’re asking for and we think that’s fair enough.”