Time to make work better

UNISON has welcomed a new report on making work better as a step in the right direction that politicians can’t afford to ignore

Making work better: an agenda for government has been published by the Smith Institute following an enquiry chaired by former ACAS chief Ed Sweeney. It calls for more secure jobs, better pay and a voice for people in the workplace.

The report also calls for an end to the pay cap in the public sector and says the government should plan for a return to normal public sector pay negotiations. 

It notes pay caps have had dire consequences for recruitment and retention across public services and says a new settlement on fair pay in public services should be a priority for government and unions.

“Fairer pay across the economy is an essential building block of a sustainable economic recovery,” said UNISON assistant general secretary Karen Jennings.

“Similarly, only if people have secure jobs, in which they are valued by their employers, will they feel the economy is working for them. 

“These are economy-wide issues, but – as the report makes clear – the public sector has to get its house in order. 

“That means ending the pay cap. 

“Politicians who are desperate to reconnect with the concerns of ordinary voters need to read this report.”


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