How will a raised retirement age affect you and the NHS?

The Working Longer Review wants to hear from you.

What’s the Working Longer Review?

The Working Longer Review is a review by NHS Employers, NHS trade unions and the health departments of England, Scotland and Wales.

It is set up to look at the impact of a raised retirement age on NHS staff, and to consider what policies can be put in place to help staff stay healthy in work for longer.

Why should I be interested?

The Public Service Pensions Act took effect in April 2013 and it links normal pension age to state pension age.

This means that most existing members of the NHS pension scheme, and all future members, will have a raised normal pension age, so NHS staff will have to work for longer before they receive their pension.

What should I do?

The Working Longer Review wants to hear examples of good practice that enable staff to continue working longer and also to hear about the issues that may make working to a raised retirement age more difficult.

Examples of imaginative and innovative policies in your workplace that could be used more widely or issues that affect particular groups of staff are especially welcome.

There are four key questions that the review will ask:

  1. What happens in your organisation that makes it easier for people to stay longer in work?
  2. What makes working longer more difficult and why?
  3. Are there special issues for particular groups of staff?
  4. What do you think could be changed to support people working longer and how?


What’s UNISON doing?

We’re asking members to contribute directly to the review and we’re also conducting our own research through our structures, so that we can submit evidence too.

How can I submit evidence?

Send your response in writing, preferably by email to

Written submissions should be sent to:

Call for Evidence,
Working Longer Review,
NHS Employers,
2 Brewery Wharf,
Kendell Street,
Leeds LS10 1JR.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on Thursday 5 September 2013.

How can I find out more?

Visit NHS Employers website.


Joint union survey

The NHS unions are conducting an online survey on the issue. Take part in it before 12pm on Monday 12 August and your views on working to an increased pension age will inform UNISON’s submission to the Working Longer Review,

Take part in the online survey.