One week, all-out strike under way at University of Dundee

The strike started as employers are urged to “show some commitment to their loyal, low paid staff”

University of Dundee Rally

Members at the University of Dundee took to the picket line on Monday, and started one week of all-out strike action over the employer’s plans to impose changes to the university pension scheme.

This is the third round of action taken at the university over the same issue and the initial five-day strike will be followed by selective action in high-impact areas over the coming three weeks.

The previous rounds of strike action provoked a u-turn by the employer of the decision to close the defined benefit scheme, but the dispute now centres on the terms with which the scheme remains open – with proposals to increase the retirement age, diminish the accrual rate and close the scheme to new joiners.

When consulted, members strongly rejected this package which was imposed rather than negotiated. The plans would affect around 900 staff on grades one to six, while those on higher grades would not be affected as they fall under a different, nationally negotiated, scheme.

University of Dundee branch secretary Phil Welsh, said: “We are deeply disappointed that the university has made no attempt to engage or come up with a revised decent firm offer.

“This pension attack affects low paid female staff, concocted by the management team who earn in excess of £150k per year and whose pensions will not be affected by these proposals.

“Instead of focusing their efforts into bringing in strike-breakers, we urge the University of Dundee to do the right thing and show some commitment to their loyal, low paid staff.”

The University of Dundee branch is asking for donations from branches to the hardship fund.

Please donate via bank transfer to:

UNISON Dundee University Branch 20015

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