Blog: For UNISON, the local elections are massive: Don’t forget to vote

With all of the focus on Brexit, it’s easy to forget that there are vitally important elections taking place this week.

Across the country, thousands of local councillors are up for election, and for UNISON, these elections are massive.

For those working in local services, these elections decide who runs the local councils who employ them or manage their services. A change in council leadership can mean the difference between jobs maintained or lost. It can mean greater support for a service – or its abolition. It can make the difference between privatisation or services coming back in house. It can make the difference between decent pay or poverty pay.

For UNISON members working in local government – these elections are huge.

Yet they don’t just matter to local government members, they should matter to all of us who care about public services. Local government has been hit hardest by austerity and cuts, yet all of us rely on the services local government provides. From clean streets to social care, UNISON members keep our communities going.

But doing that requires support and leadership. That’s why we need to get more people into power in local government who will properly defend local services. More councillors who support our priorities and act with the interests of our members at heart.

So if there are elections tomorrow where you live, don’t forget to vote. Vote for better funded public services. Vote for opposition to Westminster-imposed austerity. And vote in the best interests of all UNISON members, and the public services you provide.