Blog: UNISON Direct – some of our union’s unsung heroes

As part of Grovember, every single part of our union is going the extra mile, as we aim to be a union that’s bigger, better and bolder.

One group of staff who provide an incredible service to our members – but often don’t get the praise and credit they deserve – are the team at UNISON Direct.

This tight knit group speak with thousands of UNISON members each week by phone and webchat, providing – as a sign in their office says – an excellent service as a central contact point for UNISON. Like everyone in our union, they’ve been working hard this month on recruiting members, with more calls than usual coming in from new UNISON members. That’s on top of the already vast number of new UNISON members who join through UNISON Direct.

And recruitment is only a small part of what they do. They support, they advise and they ensure that every UNISON member reaches the person or people who can help them with any issues they’re facing. Most UNISON members will never need the support that UNISON Direct provide – but for those that do, they provide a real lifeline.

They’re another of the many reasons why I’m so proud of our union. On behalf of all of our members, I want to thank them – some of the unsung heroes – for everything they do.