Blog: Decent quality care is something which benefits the whole community

It was great to be in Lewisham this morning to see another council sign UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter. Mayor Damien Egan – elected only a few months ago – made signing our pledge for decent care, decent pay and decent conditions one of his election promises. So it was my pleasure to sign the charter on behalf of UNISON alongside him this morning.

They become the latest of many local authorities to show their dedication to their most vulnerable residents.

I was also pleased to see care workers invited to be part of the signing ceremony. That’s because today was about more people signing a piece of paper – it’s about making changes which benefit care workers and those who rely on them.

Decent quality care is something which benefits the whole community. So it’s good to see another council making this crucial commitment to pay the real living wage to care workers, guarantee training and ensure decent standards for those need care in their homes.

Care workers provide an exceptional service, so they deserve to be treated with respect. Today’s signing – and every council who signs up to the charter – helps ensure more care workers benefit. And that can only be good for all of us.