Please tell us about the impact of COVID-19 on apprenticeships in the UK

UNISON has been invited to provide evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on apprenticeships, and we need your views on how they have been impacted across the UK, by the coronavirus pandemic.

Please provide feedback on discussions held with reps and apprentice members, using the following questions as a guide.

1. What opportunities and challenges have apprentices faced in response to COVID-19?

  • Did you see an increase in enquiries from apprentices?
  • Have there been any difficulties around redeployment?

2. How have employers responded and adapted to supporting apprenticeships?

  • ¬†If work has now been of a different level, has pay changed to reflect this?
  • ¬†Please share any positive experiences with us too.

3. Are you concerned about the role apprenticeships will play beyond the COVID-19 crisis?

Please send responses to by 12pm on Monday 6 July 2020