Working patterns

Nearly all workers, regardless of the number of hours per week they work, have certain legal rights.

Family friendly working

It can be hard to balance the needs of your family with those of your employer but it’s in everyone’s interests to get the balance right. There are several family-friendly working options you can consider, including parental leave and flexible working arrangements. Your UNISON rep can help you explore your options and negotiate with your employer.

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Flexible working

Flexible working means spreading working hours over the week or year beyond the regular nine-to-five routine, helping employees achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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Part-time working

Part-time employees have the legal right to equal pay for equal work. If you work part-time you are entitled to all the benefits of a full-time employee, but on a pro rata basis. These benefits include annual leave, maternity and paternity leave, pensions, training, and opportunities for promotion.

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