UNISON Chief Warns Mandelson Over Euro Debate

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis, today warned Labour MP Peter Mandelson to stop creating divisions within the Party over the Euro debate. He said:

CBI Chief Swipe at Unions – UNISON Reaction

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, reacting to the attack on unions by CBI President Sir John Egan, said:

UNISON Calls for New Statutory Learning Rights

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, is calling for new legislation to enshrine rights to lifelong learning for every adult. The legislation would give a basic universal entitlement and protected time for learning for every employee. The proposals are contained in a new report commissioned by UNISON *Learning for Life. Learning for Everyone, in response to the Government’s skills strategy.

UNISON calls on government to withdraw ad for regulator of foundation trusts

UNISON, the UK’s largest union, today called on the government to withdraw an advertisement for the appointment of the Independent Regulator for NHS Foundation Trusts.

Police staff feel undervalued and stressed:UNISON survey

Half of the police staff workforce do not feel valued by the Police Service and two thirds say stress levels have increased, according to the first independent national survey of police staff, released by UNISON today.

First wave of foundation hospitals – UNISON reactions

“Today’s announcement shows that the Government wants to storm ahead with this misguided and controversial plan without even waiting for the Bill to go through Parliament.

One third of NHS staff have faced reprisals for blowing the whistle on bad practice in the NHS, despite Government guidance to the contrary. This is one of the key findings of a new survey published today by UNISON, the UK

Prime Minister’s Speech – UNISON Reaction

UNISON Head of Health, Karen Jennings, accused the Prime Minister of scaremongering by claiming that the only choice was to go for foundation hospitals.

Milburn on Foundation Hospitals – UNISON Urge’s MPs to Rebel

Foundation hospital status is a diversion from delivering improvements to the whole of the NHS and should be opposed, UNISON today urged all Labour MPs.

Local government employers approach to pay is ‘dangerous and dated’: UNISON

UNISON, the UK’s largest trade union, today described as “dangerous and dated” the local government employers’ submission to the Local Government Pay Commission, warning that it doomed low paid women to even lower pay.

Prime Minister is wrong on PFI: UNISON

The Prime Minister is mistaken if he thinks the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is the solution to public service reform, UNISON, the UK’s biggest union said today.

Attacks on NHS Staff – UNISON Backs Twin Track Approach – Zero Tolerance and Tougher Penalties


Regional pay and local government – UNISON reaction


Brown’s Poverty-Busting Budget puts People and Public Services First

UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis, reacting to the Budget, said:

“We are delighted the Chancellor has stuck to his guns and continued to put public services first. This budget will boost confidence in the Government’s ability to deliver the world class schools and hospitals they promised the electorate. And it will boost morale amongst workers.

UNISON Conference Back Carillion Strikers

Anger boiled over today at UNISON