National executive council

The union’s national executive council (NEC) is elected by members to speak on their behalf.

NEC members are elected by all members of UNISON via a postal vote. Members elect candidates to represent their region and their service group. There are also additional seats for Black members, young members and disabled members.

As with all other UNISON elections, the union’s principles of “proportionality and fair representation” means that some seats are reserved for women and low-paid members, so that the make-up of the NEC fairly represents the wider union.

Elections take place every two years, with members receiving a ballot paper with a prepaid envelope to return it to an independent scrutineer (an independent person who checks the ballot is fair and counts the votes).

Results are usually announced around one month after the voting deadline.


Current membership

Cymru Wales region

Elizabeth Nolan

Mark Fisher

Sian Stockham

Eastern region

Mrs Sarah Crowe

Mr Robert Turner

Mrs Samantha Hemraj

Mrs Nathalie Birkett

Mr Christopher Tansley

Ms Emma Procter

Ms Liz Wheatley

Ms Helen Davies

Mr Amerit Rait

Ms Naomi Byron

Northern Region

Mr Edwin Jeffries

Mrs Helen Firman

Mrs Margaret McKee

Mr Alastair Long

Mrs Catherine McKenna

Mr Anthony Wilson

Ms Jane Wilcox

Ms Karen Reissmann

Mr Steven North

Miss Danielle Dolan

South East region

Mr Stephen Smellie

Dr Davena Rankin

Ms Kathryn Ramsden

Mr James McFarlane

Mrs Lyn O’Hara

Miss Jacqueline Berry

Mrs Antoinette Solera

Mr Daniel Sartin

Miss Abigail Holdsworth

South West region

Miss Rebecca Brookman

Mr Mark Wareham

Miss Jessica Powell

Ms Caroline Johnson

Ms Alison Dingle

Mr Stephen Jones

Mrs Mandy Buckley

Yorkshire and Humberside region

Miss Sarah Littlewood

Miss Greta Holmes

Mr Tony Wright

Community service group

Mr Kevin Jackson

Miss Saoirse Fanning

Energy Service Group

Miss Tracey Wainwright

Health Service Group

Mr James Anthony

Ms Claire Dixon

Ms Patricia Heron

Mr Gordon McKay

Higher Education Service Group

Mr Alexander J Nicoll

Ms Katherine Owen

Mrs Diana Leach

Mrs Andrea Egan

Mrs Jane E Doolan

Police and Justice Service Group

Mr Christopher Hanrahan

Mrs Maureen Lemarinel

Water, Environment and Transport Service Group

Mr John Jones

Black Members

Miss Manjula Kumari

Ms April Ashley

Mr Hugo Pierre

Miss Julia Mwaluke

Young Members

Kiera Hilder

Ms Lilly Boulby

Yorkshire and Humberside Region Reserved

Mrs Theresa Rollinson

Disabled Members

Ms Katrina Murray

Mrs Angela Hamilton