Ministers must admit how many on tax credits will lose out, says Dave Prentis

The government must come clean on the numbers of working people who will be worse off as a result its cuts to tax credits next year

UNISON report exposes truth behind the Chancellor’s pay con trick

Thousands of low-income households will be worse off next April when the increase in the minimum wage is more than wiped out by changes to tax credits, according to a new report from UNISON published today (Wednesday). The analysis shows that many families face an income loss next spring, when what they were expecting was […]

UNISON members react to the budget

UNISON members react to the budget – a Storify.

The Budget dealt low-paid workers a poor hand, and its punitive cuts must be challenged, says UNISON

Working people on low incomes got a rough deal from the government last week, and no amount of dressing up of the new ‘living’ wage can mask the fact that poorer families will be much worse off, says UNISON.