Tape against a blue background reading 'danger asbestos removal'

UNISON welcomes asbestos report

Parliamentary work and pensions committee calls for a 40-year deadline for the safe removal of all asbestos in public buildings

Figures reveal toll of asbestos in schools

From teaching assistants to teachers to pupils, asbestos in schools is a killer and cuts to school funding can only make the situation worse

Asbestos – how safe is your school? Take the survey

More than 75% of school buildings in Britain contain asbestos. Are you at risk?

We need to tackle asbestos in schools

More than 75% of schools in the UK contain asbestos – but the government is still dragging its feet over a report on the scale of the problem due last spring

UNISON criticises delayed government report into asbestos in schools

The ongoing delay of a government report into asbestos in schools that was due to be released last spring could place pupils and staff at risk

UNISON steps up campaign against asbestos in schools

UNISON is building its campaign against asbestos in schools, with the publication of three documents to help reps, activists and parents

Union asbestos committee urges release of report

Health and Safety Executive refuses to publish report into contamination at Welsh school

UNISON becomes partner in Asbestos – Your Right to Know

UNISON Cymru/Wales has become a campaign partner in the Asbestos – Your Right to Know campaign, which aims to create a central accessible register of asbestos schools in Wales