Conference Timetable and Regional Meetings

This Conference notes that many Regional Disabled Members Committees hold pre-conference training sessions for delegates to the National Disabled Members’ Conference. However, not all delegates can attend these meetings and it is useful to be able to hold a regional meeting at the conference itself. It can be difficult to timetable such an event in […]

Don’t condem young disabled people

Conference believes that young people are amongst those most likely to suffer as a consequence of the damaging policies being pursued by the Con-Dem Government, and that young disabled people will be especially hard-hit. Conference also believes that: 1.The job losses in the public and private sector predicted by the Treasury will have a catastrophic […]

Employers Discriminatory Tactics

Conference is concerned in the rise of employers using discriminatory tactics such as: ·Sickness procedures ·Capability and performance policies ·Presenteism ·Exclusion in recruitment and selection within restructure To rid themselves of disabled employees with minimum expenditure Conference calls upon UNISON National Disabled members Committee to: a)to work with branches and disabled members to actively pursue […]

On-line campaigning for disabled people

Conference welcomes the growth of on-line communities and social networking and the potential opportunities they offer for on-line activity for young and other disabled people. Conference notes the significant number of entries by disabled people to the “TUC’s 60 second advert” competition 2011. Conference also notes the growth of ‘armchair army’ online campaign groups e.g. […]