Conference Timetable and Regional Meetings

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2011 National Disabled Members' Conference
20 June 2011

This Conference notes that many Regional Disabled Members Committees hold pre-conference training sessions for delegates to the National Disabled Members’ Conference. However, not all delegates can attend these meetings and it is useful to be able to hold a regional meeting at the conference itself. It can be difficult to timetable such an event in on the first day of conference due to other pre-planned sessions such as caucus meetings and room availability.

This Conference agrees that the conference timetable should include a one hour slot on the first day of conference to enable regional meetings to be held if required. This slot should not overlap with any caucus or other meetings which delegates might want to attend. This conference instructs the National Disabled Members’ Committee to include this hour slot when drawing up/agreeing the timetable for future National Disabled Members’ Conferences.