The Role of Workplace Environmental Reps in the WET Service Group Following the Comprehensive Spending Review

This 2011 WET Conference notes that as part of the coalition’s comprehensive spending review was the announcement that the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme is to become a new carbon tax on public sector organisations like the Environment Agency, British Waterways and Passenger Transport Executives and larger companies like those in the water industry. […]

Facility Time in the Environment Agency

This Water, Environment and Transport Conference notes that the Environment Agency is likely to suffer job losses as a result of funding cuts by the coalition via DEFRA. As part of the job losses it is obvious that some of our activists will also be victims of the cuts as will the membership density levels […]

Concessionary Fares

This WET Conference is pleased that to date there appears to be no radical plans to cease concessionary fares by the coalition. We cannot be complacent however, and as the cuts increase across the board with their tenure of office it is vital that the Executive comments on the importance of concessionary fares by producing […]

Private Drains and Sewers

This WET Conference is aware that private drains and sewers will soon be “insourced” to the water industry probably by the end of 2011. While the extra work is obviously welcomed as a source to retain existing staffing levels, it is imperative that as well as the work the existing employees who do the work […]

Closure of Final Salary Pension Scheme

This 2011 Water, Environment and Transport Conference is concerned at the actions of Cambridge Water who have closed their final salary pension scheme to existing members as well as new entrants. We see this as a very disturbing development and call upon the Service Group Executive to try to ensure this is not the tip […]

Water, Environment and Transport Health and Safety Event 2012

The 2011 WET Conference recognises the value of the inaugural service group health and safety event held in March 2010 and the impressive subjects covered in one day by all who attended. Health and safety is rightly seen as one of the most important factors by members in retaining their UNISON membership and it is […]

National Express

This Water, Environment and Transport Conference deplores the continuing anti-union behaviour of management at UK based National Express Group’s North American yellow school bus subsidiaries. We note that National Express Group has declined to introduce a freedom of information policy in order to protect the human rights of their employees by being able to join […]

WET Constitution

This Conference approves the attached constitution of the Water, Environment and Transport service group.