Maternity, Paternity and Flexible Working

This Conference welcomes the Government’s new legislation to improve the rights of working parents from April 2003 in particular: 1)The increase in basic maternity leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks. 2)The increase in Statutory Maternity Pay from £75 to £100. 3)The introduction of paid paternity leave. 4)The introduction of statutory paid adoption leave. 5)The […]

Married Women’s Stamp

Conference notes that women employees relying on the state pension earned during employment to provide a reasonable standard of living in retirement, often find at the time of retirement, that they will not receive their anticipated pension. We believe this is a pension scandal to rival that of Equitable Life or the Maxwell affair. 1. […]

Health and Work of Older Women

Twelve million women in the United Kingdom are aged 45 or over and the number is increasing. Many of these women spend longer in paid employment, making an important contribution to the economy and public services. Unfortunately, little interest has been taken in the impact this has had on this neglected group’s physical, emotional and […]

Abusive Treatment of Women Worldwide

This motion calls upon the National Women’s Committee to continue its pressure on the British Government and international bodies to condemn the abusive treatment of women worldwide. Conference condemns the way in which fundamentalist regimes of all persuasions deny women access to their fundamental rights. These regimes are denying women access to freedom, education and […]

Women Taking Action for a Healthier Planet

Women need to take action for a healthier planet. It is now being recognised that there is evidence of a link between health and the environment. Women and children are the first to feel the effects of environmental degradation. Women must be empowered to take action about issues that affect and concern them. Conference instructs […]