Political Fund Review

The growing anger and frustration of UNISON members at New Labour’s continued attacks on public services, through privatisation, cuts and low wages, was reflected at last year’s National Delegate Conference. Conference notes that the decision of National Delegate Conference 2001 to review the Union’s political funds was rightly seen by our members and the media […]


This Conference expresses its deepest concern at the escalation and continuing acts of violence in the Middle East, whoever the authors may be. We believe that bloodshed will only cease when a degree of political perspective and dialogue is restored. Only then will a satisfactory solution be found to the Arab/Israeli conflict. Conference notes with […]

Stop the War

Conference opposes the British and US Governments unleashing an unending worldwide war against terrorism. We call upon Britain and the USA, and its allies, to cease all military actions and to withdraw from Afghanistan. Furthermore, we will vigorously oppose any continuation of this war to Iraq, Somalia, or elsewhere. We condemn the terrorist attacks on […]


This Conference notes the increasing globalisation of trade in goods and services, and the powerful role played by transnational companies in this process. Conference also notes the huge increase in social inequality both within and between countries that engage in the global economy. Conference recognises that although international trade has the potential to lift millions […]

Directly Elected Mayors and Local Councils

Conference notes that the new Executive/Scrutiny split in the political structures of most local councils: 1)Reduces the role of back-bench councillors and leads to less accountability; 2)Reduces the ability of community campaigns to raise issues of concern to local people; 3)Can undermine the established industrial relations machinery and the effectiveness of the local union branch. […]

Elected Assemblies and Regional Government in England

This Conference notes that the creation of democratically elected Assemblies for the English Regions will have a major influence on the lives of trade union members. In those regions of the United Kingdom which now have devolved assemblies or parliaments, UNISON members can be rightly proud of the part it played in campaigning for these […]

Asylum Seekers

This Conference notes with grave concern the rising violence, state racism and inhumane treatment directed against asylum seekers in Britain and abroad in the past year. Conference further notes: 1)The horrific conditions which force asylum seekers to flee war-torn countries, as illustrated by the media coverage of the continuing war in Afghanistan; 2)The Home Secretary’s […]


Conference notes that employees rely on the pension earned during employment to provide a reasonable standard of living in retirement and financial protection for their families and partners in the event of death or ill health. State provision has never been enough on its own. Conference further notes that: 1)The UK is heading towards a […]

Integrated Public Transport

Conference accepts that transport is vital to the social and economic life of the country. However, real social and economic progress can only be made where all modes of transport are fully integrated and serve the people at reasonable cost. A fully integrated transport system should link air, bus, rail and ferry and should acknowledge […]

Work-Life Balance

Conference acknowledges the role played by work-life balance policies in ensuring that public services are exemplars of best practice and employers of choice, meeting the needs of workers whilst also responding to the needs of users and customers. UNISON can use the Government’s focus on work-life balance, and its advocacy to employers of a partnership […]

NHS Funding

Conference welcomes the one billion pounds extra for the National Health Service (NHS) in 2002/2003 that was announced in the pre Budget report. Also that the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, promised spending would continue to rise bringing the rest of the UK into line with other European countries. Conference notes that it will take longer […]

Third Comprehensive Spending Review

Conference notes that the third Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR 3) will report in the summer of 2002 and cover the period 2003-2006 and believes that the three priorities should be: 1)increasing spending on public services and staff to secure world class services; 2)increasing capital investment without using Private Finance Initiative/Public Private Partnership (PFI/PPP); and 3)reducing […]

Positively Public Campaign and Public Residential Care Homes for Vulnerable Older People

This Conference: 1)Supports UNISON’s Positively Public campaign and all the initiatives that have arisen from it; 2)Notes with alarm that public residential care homes are rapidly disappearing and that this has not been highlighted in the Positively Public campaign and needs to be addressed urgently; 3)Recognises the dramatic loss in the number of publicly owned […]

Rule B.4 General

Add B.4.6: “B.4.6To seek to ensure that members, activists, representatives and staff are treated with dignity and respect at all times when participating in the Union’s democratic structures. Also that members, activists, representatives and staff seeking the Union’s services provided by external suppliers are treated similarly by the providers of those services.”

Dignity and Respect at Work

This Conference welcomes the establishment of core objectives and associated priorities and as a much needed development. It has enabled our lay structures at national and regional level in partnership with staff to focus upon those key issues determined by our sovereign bodies. Conference also welcomes the initial work undertaken to apply both lay and […]