Stop the War

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2002 National Delegate Conference
9 May 2002
Carried as Amended

Conference opposes the British and US Governments unleashing an unending worldwide war against terrorism. We call upon Britain and the USA, and its allies, to cease all military actions and to withdraw from Afghanistan. Furthermore, we will vigorously oppose any continuation of this war to Iraq, Somalia, or elsewhere.

We condemn the terrorist attacks on the 11 September in the USA that killed thousands of innocent civilians. Such acts of terrorism do not advance the cause of working people and the poor across the world.

However, Conference notes that the military actions by the USA and Britain in Afghanistan have also resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians, the summary execution of hundreds of prisoners, given a free hand to new warlords to terrorise, and aggravated an already desperate humanitarian situation.

Conference believes that this war against terrorism will not provide the basis for political and economic solutions to the conditions that feed terrorism, such as the continuing lack of a just peace in the Middle East or desperate poverty in large parts of the world.

We oppose the attacks on civil liberties that are currently being launched allegedly in the name of the fight against terrorism. The wide-ranging definition of terrorist and the activities that are being restricted could be used against trade union activists organising industrial action in defence of members’ jobs, conditions and public services.

We condemn the rise in racism in general and in anti-Islamic feeling in particular which have been exacerbated by the US and British Governments’ response to September 11th.

Conference believes that the British Government will attempt to pass on the cost of the war to ordinary working people. We therefore oppose attempts to raise taxes on working people and the continuing privatisation of public services.

Conference therefore resolves to:

1)Circulate materials to members explaining our position on the war;

2)Affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition and support and publicise its activities;

3)Encourage members to attend CND and Stop the War demonstrations;

4)Organise and/or support local meetings to build opposition to the war;

5)Call upon the National Executive Council to oppose the war by adopting the above policy;

6)Support members who are experiencing increased racism as a result of the war.