Swansea council staff protest over car parking

Anger at strategy that is making ‘difficult problem worse’

UNISON, the largest trade union within the City and County of Swansea staff with over 5,000 members, organised protests at lunch time today over the council’s car parking strategy that has made already difficult problems worse. This is being made even more of a problem as the council is moving ever more staff to the Guild Hall and Civic Buildings with a further 220 staff moving to the Civic in May 2016.

Eddie Gabrielsen UNISON regional organiser said “Staff are extremely angry that they pay for car parking permits, but then find when arriving at work there is nowhere to park, so they are effectively paying for a parking space but not getting one. They then have to search for ages to find a space before they can even start work or walk miles to work.

“There are also a large number of staff who are compelled to bring their cars to work, for example social workers, who not only have to pay for a parking space they often are not able to park in, but when leaving the office to attend calls and then returning are unable to park. This wastes many working hours driving around looking for a parking space. This is not only inefficient, it puts pressure on services and is adding stress to already stressful jobs.

“Further, the council’s strategy is putting a strain on local residents owing to the pressure put on available car parking spaces.

“Just before the demonstrations, the council made concessions. UNISON will be surveying our members to find out whether these concessions go far enough to satisfy staff or whether we will continue the campaign for the council to revise its strategy.”