Time to end employment tribunal fees

UNISON call on government comes following the end of the criminal courts charge

Commenting on the Secretary of State for Justice’s decision to scrap the criminal courts charge, UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis said: “ Removing the criminal courts charge is right. I now call on Michael Gove to extend this move to employment tribunal fees.

“Evidence shows that since tribunal fees were introduced, the number of employment tribunal claims has dropped by 70 per cent.

“It is obvious that fees are deterring working people from getting access to justice and leaving unscrupulous employers free to treat workers badly.”

In its response to the Justice Select Committee’s call for evidence, UNISON expressed concerns about the imposition of the criminal courts charge and its effect on defendants. The union also highlighted that fees had been set with no consultation, were too high and not means tested.

UNISON has campaigned for the removal of Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal fees since their introduction in July 2013: and is seeking permission to appeal to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal rejected its appeal against the government’s introduction of employment tribunal fees.

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