Reckless disregard of this government for the majority is unforgiveable

More bad news today for local government, in particular, as figures show that 26,000 jobs were lost in the past year. No surprise to our members at the coal face who see the devastation caused by this government’s austerity agenda.

But those 26,000 and the 2.5 million still out of work deserve better than this government offers them. The slight decrease in unemployment was down to men finding jobs but women are the biggest losers. Those out of work for more than a year are as badly affected and the youth jobless numbers look set to be swollen by next month’s school and university leavers.

Make no mistake, the impact on local economies and on those who rely on decent public services is being keenly felt. This government’s reckless disregard for the well-being of the majority of people in the UK is unforgiveable.