UIA Mutual and UNISON Living

UNISON is now seeking a new provider of home, travel and pet insurance


UIA Mutual has ceased to provide Home, Travel and Pet Insurance for new business or for those wishing to renew their policies.  Existing policy holders will continue to be serviced by UIA Mutual until their renewal.

Due to the changes, UNISON has ceased to recognise UIA Mutual as an official UNISON Living provider. UIA will therefore stop offering home, travel and pet insurance under the union’s brand, with immediate effect.

UIA has appointed Unisure Ltd, which will now trade as UIA under the UIA brand, to provide its insurance services. Uinsure Ltd will be notifying all existing policy holders of the change directly.

Uinsure is not a UNISON Living endorsed provider and UNISON is now exploring all options for the endorsement of a new provider of home, travel and pet insurance, as a matter of priority.

There is no change to UNISON’s other endorsed providers of other general insurance products. These continue to be LV (for car insurance and breakdown cover) and UIB – UNISON Protect for life insurance.

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