Higher education members reject ‘insulting’ pay freeze

UNISON members vote overwhelmingly to reject the 0% pay offer, which amounts to a pay cut, in higher education

UNISON’s higher education service group executive (SGE) have met  and considered the results of a member consultation on the pay freeze that has been imposed on staff in the sector.

The consultation closed on Monday 30 November and members voted overwhelmingly to reject the pay freeze.

The SGE decided that, on this basis, a dispute should be lodged with the employers and that the campaign should be escalated, including planning for industrial action.

UNISON senior national officer Ruth Levin commented: “Our members are sending a clear message that they are not prepared to put up with a pay freeze, which, with inflation taken in account, is actually a pay cut.

“Higher education staff have worked harder than ever before under such difficult circumstances over the last nine months to keep universities running and to support students.

“To be told that they are not getting any pay rise is an insult.

“We are urging the higher education employers to reconsider their position and get back around the table and make a meaningful offer.”