Union Energy – important announcement

Union Energy will stop being a UNISON Living endorsed offer for members on Sunday 8 March

UNISON Living logo

Please note that the Union Energy offering has been withdrawn from the UNISON Living endorsed benefits package.

UNISON’s decision to withdraw the offering has been taken following a detailed and comprehensive review in the light of industry wide developments since the offering was launched under the auspices of the TUC.

Having looked at the growth in energy providers, price comparison and switching platforms, the review concluded that there is no longer a need for such a service offering within the UNISON endorsed benefits package.

The UNISON and Union Energy participation agreement ends on Sunday 8 March 2020.

UNISON and Union Energy are required to remove all UNION Energy marketing and promotional material, printed and digital, from UNISON circulation and channels.

UNISON banches are asked to remove the UNION Energy offering from all channels and use their best endeavours to remove and dispose of all related marketing material in circulation.