Working during the cold weather

Taking care of the people who keep public services running this winter

As many of us experience the coldest weather to date this winter spare a thought for those who have to work outdoors in sub-zero temperatures to keep our vital public services running.

UNISON head of health and safety Robert Baughan said: “Exposure to the cold can be a serious health and safety hazard causing chilblains and hypothermia.

“There is an increased risk of slipping and numb figures, or ill-fitting gloves, can make potentially dangerous equipment difficult to use.

“Employers must remember their duty to look after their workers by measures such as frequent breaks from the cold, facilities for warming up, warm drinks, appropriate protective clothing, and where necessary, delaying work until warmer conditions.

“It’s also important they don’t force workers to make hazardous commutes to work where public transport has been severely disrupted.”

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