Leicester University security team wins battle against cut to hours and pay

The university drops its plan after magnificent branch campaign, including 100% backing for industrial action

Members at UNISON’s University of Leicester branch are celebrating after the employer has dropped plans to cut the hours – and pay – of the university’s security team.

The 26 workers affected would have seen pay cuts if the university had succeeded with its plan to cut their weekly hours from 37 to 35.

All other staff at the university saw their hours drop to 35 a week, with no loss of pay, when the university became a living wage employer in 2016.

But when it came to reducing the security team’s hours this year, the university decided to cut their wages too, meaning members who lose £800 a year from their salaries of between £16,000- and £19,000.

The branch ran an amazing campaign, including writing to their MPs, involving the Students’ Union and launching a national petition that attracted 1,234 signatures.

A consultative ballot of the affected UNISON members in October achieved a ‘triple 100’ – a 100% turnout and a 100% vote for industrial action in a team that boasts 100% membership.

The university has now guaranteed that all security team members can stay on 37 hours. A ballot of members today saw a vote in favour of acceptance.

Dave Ratchford, the regional head of higher education in the East Midlands said: “The team want to place on record their thanks to all who signed the petition and also to the 23 branches from across the UK that sent messages of solidarity and support.

“It made a huge difference and was also a great encouragement.”