UNISON is sending out HE ballot papers and calling for yes to strike action

UNISON is calling for members to back strike action, as some employers attempt to impose the below-inflation offer

Ballot papers are being sent out to UNISON higher education members from Friday 14 September.

The union is calling on members to vote ‘yes’ for strike action, as the employers’ offer of 2% for most staff (up to 2.7% for others) is below inflation and doesn’t meet the needs of our members, who have suffered years of below-inflation pay increases.

Some employers have moved to ‘impose’ the offer by putting it into staff pay packets before any agreement with the unions has been reached. This is a provocative action meant to undermine our ballot.

UNISON’s higher education service group executive has discussed the move, concluding that some more cynical employers had been goaded on by the national employers’ organisation, the University and Colleges Employers’ Association.

The service group executive is totally opposed to imposition, although recognises that members will welcome any money as they face increasing monthly bills. However, members will see how little this offer is worth when they get the money in their account.

Leaflets, posters and a Powerpoint, together with A4 headed paper to help branches get local messages across, can be found at www.unison.org.uk/hepay2018.