UNISON application forms on branch websites

Branches should make sure their websites are up to date

Many branches still have the old membership application forms on their branch websites as PDF downloads.

These are no longer compliant with law. Under the Trade Union Act, a complaint about our practices can come from any member of the public and trigger an investigation by the Certification Officer, as well as incurring large fines.

Under the new data protection regulations (GDPR), non-compliance can incur massive penalties. For example,‘infringements of an individual’s privacy rights’ could cost UNISON in fines ‘up to €20 million, or 4% of our annual turnover – whichever is higher’.

Old forms can be replaced with new PDFs, which can be found on the online catalogue under ‘Application forms’.

But if people are already looking at a UNISON branch website it is better to direct them to an online page, preferably the main join UNISON page. Most people looking for a form online will expect to be able to complete it online, rather than download a paper copy and then have to remember to send it in.

The new application forms have been legally checked and are compliant with both the Trade Union Act and GDPR.

Thanks for your help with this.