The campaign for your pay rise continues

After the Budget failed to deliver for public service workers’ pay, the fight moves on

Last week’s Budget was an opportunity to bring an end to pay misery for public sector workers. Instead, the government refused to act.

UNISON’s response was unequivocal and featured in leading newspapers and blogs, with our general secretary criticising a budget that had ‘left public services gasping for air’.

We know many of you are now heading into Christmas wondering how you’re going to make ends meet. Philip Hammond and Theresa May have failed to recognise what a pay rise means for hardworking public service workers, but this is not over.

UNISON’s Pay Up Now! campaign continues and another key opportunity to make our case is less than a week away.

On Monday 4 December, public sector pay will be debated by MPs in Westminster Hall. This is something we should be very proud of, as it is thanks to UNISON’s petition – which 140,000 of you signed – that the debate is happening.

The debate is an opportunity for MPs to voice their opposition to government policy – and an opportunity where we are assured they will have to listen.

All MPs can attend the debate. So make sure your local MP is there, speaking up for your pay rise.

Email your MP and ask them to attend the debate

It’s important to remind MPs that hundreds of thousands of people are impacted by this and care deeply about it. Also, MPs are obliged to respond to their constituents, so it’s very useful to make them confirm whether they can attend or not – and why.

You can tune in and watch the debate live from our Facebook and Twitter pages from 4.30pm on Monday.