UNISON joins the carnival against the cuts

Thousands of parents, pupils, school staff and their unions demonstrated against cuts to school funding yesterday (Sunday).

The campaigners marched down Whitehall to Parliament Square in London, where a series of speakers made passionate calls for increased funding for education.

As well as speakers from Save our Schools and parents group Fair Funding for All Schools, UNISON members Becky Everett and Jill Goodale addressed the crowds.

The teaching assistants from Derby described how they took 73 days of strike action after being faced with a 25% pay cut.

They thanked UNISON branches, parents and the wider community for invaluable support and solidarity, leaving to a huge round of applause.

“Jill and Becky showed the human side of the cuts,” said UNISON national secretary Jon Richards. “The last few years have seen increasing attempts to get rid of support staff jobs, downgrade posts or make savings by introducing term-time contracts.

“The joint union and parent campaigns are having a real impact and we expect the government to make announcements soon on improved funding proposals.

“Let’s hope they are putting serious money into the system, as we aren’t going to drop our campaign.”

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