ILGA co-secretary general says: ‘We are stronger together’

Ruth Baldacchino tells LGBT conference that decades of mobilising gives us valuable experience for the future

Guest speaker Ruth Baldacchino, a co-secretary general of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), addressed UNISON’s LGBT conference in Llandudno this morning, taking the opportunity to remind delegates of the strong links between UNISON and the LGBT movement.

Noting that the UK is “a fairly larger island than the one I’m coming from [Malta] …” delegates heard that it was important to remember, in light of such political earthquakes as the EU referendum vote, that “there are many things that can’t be voted on and taken away” – and that includes the rights of LGBT people.

“We look after each other, we support each and fight for each other – and we celebrate together,” conference heard.

The rise of conservative and right-wing politics across Europe and beyond illustrated how we should never take freedoms and rights for granted.

But “we, as LGBT people, have decades of mobilising”, though a variety of organisations, including unions like UNISON.

Ultimately, there is a simple message to remember: “We are stronger together.”