School support staff in Derby need your help

UNISON members working in Derby City Schools have lost 25% of their pay – up to £400 per month – and they need your support for strike action.

Derby City Council are trying to switch school support staff from full time to term-time contracts, in a move that will have a significantly negative impact on children’s education.

The school support staff – mostly teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants and special needs teaching assistants – work best when treated as part of a professional team. UNISON is worried treating support staff as contract workers will have a detrimental effect on the level of education provided to children in Derby, as well as pushing staff into poverty.

Around 1,200 UNISON members are affected by the salary cuts, and they have been active in opposing the decision. They voted for strike action and have already organised a one-day strike, held several rallies during local council cabinet meetings, organised petitions, and held individual meetings with local councillors.

Donate to the Derby school support staff fund

The council is still refusing to listen and now members plan to hold four more days of strike action in September and October. But these workers are already low paid and losing four days pay will have a significant impact on them. Could you donate to their strike fund?

It is estimated that the workers taking action will lose a total of £25,000 in salary costs each day they are out on strike, on top of their 25% salary cut. They will be facing pressure to pay their bills.

Could you donate to help?

Yes, I can donate to the Derby school support staff