Cuts to tax credits – join the UNISON campaign

An average household in receipt of tax credits will lose a whopping £1,350 a year

Many school support staff are set to be hit hard by the government’s cuts to tax credits, which will come into force next April.

UNISON has done the maths and discovered that an average household in receipt of tax credits will lose a whopping £1,350 a year. For example: a family with one child and earnings of £20,000 a year could lose up to £2,000.

UNISON fought hard to ensure that school staff working term times only would receive tax credits for the whole year and now we are campaigning against the changes that even one Conservative MP called “eye-wateringly” painful.

Find out how these changes will affect you with the help of UNISON’s tax credits calculator.

The chancellor said he wanted to make work pay, but changes to tax credits will leave many school support staff considerably worse off from next April. That can’t be right, can it?

To speak out on your behalf we need to know what you think about the changes. So we are running an email survey. Look out for it in your in box in the next week or two. Please take a few minutes to fill it in so we can speak out with authority on what you think.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis is so concerned about the effect the changes will have on UNISON members that he also sent an email to every one of you a few weeks ago asking you to contact your MP as the Tax Credit changes went through parliament.

A big thank you to those who wrote to their MP. We will be raising your concerns in parliament and the House of Lords over coming weeks as a result of your responses.

Look out for more soon…