UNISON rejects cuts to health and education budgets in Northern Ireland

UNISON is calling for the Northern Ireland Executive and Northern Ireland Assembly to urgently rethink the planned 2015-2016 budgets for health and education amid concern over what they will mean for public services.
The budgets were released by each government department and outline cuts and ‘cost saving measures’ for public services.

UNISON has reviewed each budget and has responded to the consultation outlining what it means for our members and the people of Northern Ireland.

The union believes that the planned budget cuts will mean that 1,000 teaching posts and 1,500 school support staff are at risk, with £160 million more cuts planned in health resulting in unsafe staffing levels and 1,000 fewer beds.

The union is urging both the Northern Ireland Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly to scrap the budgets for public service departments now.



Fight the education cuts

Fight the health cuts