Lobby your MEP over meat inspection plans

The clock is ticking on changes to European regulations that would mean weakened protection for consumers – and UNISON needs you to contact your MEP to make sure these changes are overturned.

Pigs that are currently slaughtered for human consumption are inspected for diseases and contaminants such as tuberculosis and abscesses, as well as faecal contamination, before being allowed into our sausages and pork pies.

UNISON national officer Paul Bell said: “We have a small window of opportunity to overturn a European Commission decision to stop physical inspection of pigs (post-mortem) destined for the supermarkets and the butchers.

“If the European Union moves to visual-only inspection, then meat inspectors – the people who check our food to make sure it is fit for human consumption – will have their hands tied.

“An industry which, earlier this year, was labelling horsemeat as beef, cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of consumers. Only independent meat inspectors and vets working in abattoirs can – by looking inside the animal carcass – judge that there are no unpleasant surprises lurking to add extra flavour into mince, pies and sausages.

“After all, if you stop looking for it, you stop finding it and then start eating it,” concluded Mr Bell.

UNISON is urging its members to get in contact with their MEPs – the people who represent you in Europe – before 25 September to ask that they overturn visual-only inspection at the European environment, public health and food safety committee and then subsequently at a vote of the European Parliament.

You can use this letter template to lobby your MEP.

You can use this link to find and contact your MEP.

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