UNISON signs recognition agreement with Avenues Trust

UNISON has just signed a recognition agreement with Avenues Trust, a specialist social care organisation that supports people facing significant disadvantage through disability and illness, based in London and the South East.

Around 130 UNISON members work there as social workers, support workers and welfare assistants.

The agreement means that the union, alongside the RCN, is recognised for collective bargaining purposes, and will have application packs at new starters inductions, and facility time for reps activity and steward development.

Area organiser Kunal Patel reported that “constructive discussions” with the employer had brought the deal after three years of work in London and the South East.

National officer Simon Watson said: “This superb result is an endorsement of consistent, patient work by UNISON across two regions and in co-operation with another union. Meaningful recognition is part and parcel of a long-term relationship with an employer, which is exactly what was built up with the Avenues Trust.”