Liverpool University agrees to apply for living wage status

University’s move comes just days after University of Manchester becomes 5,000th living wage employer

woman holding living wage sign

The University of Liverpool’s governing body has approved plans for the university to apply to become an accredited living wage employer this year.

The living wage is an independently calculated minimum hourly rate intended to reflect living costs. The university is currently in discussion with the Living Wage Foundation, which promotes the initiative, to implement the scheme.

The living wage (currently £9 an hour) is higher than the statutory minimum wage (currently £7.38 an hour for under 25s and £7.83 an hour for over 25s) and it is also currently higher than the lowest two points on the university pay scale.

UNISON and Unite released a joint statement, saying the unions “have long campaigned for the basic right that each person be paid enough to enable them to live decently and adequately provide for their family.

“With that in mind, we welcome the decision of the University of Liverpool to introduce the living wage for all of their staff.”

Further details will be made available this year and are subject to negotiations and formal approval by the Living Wage Foundation.

UNISON national officer Ruth Levin said: “This is great news ahead of the higher education pay negotiations which open next Tuesday.

“It shows that the sector is able to tackle poverty pay and ensure that everyone on campus earns at least the foundation living wage.”

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