Blog: All that we care about and all that we value is on the line this Thursday

We are now just days away from a day that will define the future of our country and our public services.

The choice is a clear one. More cuts, more pain, lower wages and more public service job cuts under the Conservatives. Or an end to austerity, real investment in public services and a bright, optimistic and positive future under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Every single vote is going to matter – including yours.

It is not for me to tell you how you should vote. I am well aware that UNISON members and anyone else reading this will have their own opinions and you’ll be making up your own mind.

But as UNISON’s general secretary, my priority is to protect jobs and to fight for our public services.

That’s why I’ll be voting Labour.

In recent days I’ve been out campaigning and I’ll be around the country doing more of the same in the days ahead. That’s not just because I enjoy speaking to people (although I do), it’s because I believe it’s too important to sit at home and wait for the results. The difference between the two visions we can choose for our country are stark – and if we wake up on Friday morning with Theresa May as our Prime Minister for the next five years, that will be catastrophic for public services.

I firmly believe that the Labour Party has the best policies to turn this country – and our public services – around. In the few remaining days before 8 June, consider carefully all the candidates standing in your local area, think carefully about who will defend our public services and our NHS as you cast your vote.

All that we care about and all that we value is on the line this Thursday – so use your vote wisely.