A new tool to help your social worker members

Excessive workload for social workers is a long-running problem which has worsened considerably as the cuts bite.

One of the issues UNISON stewards face is gathering robust evidence about caseload levels in order to lobby managers and elected members.

UNISON has teamed up with Community Care to create a simple tool which:-

  • Branches can use to gather evidence on caseload levels in different teams; and
  • UNISON and Community Care can use to gain an aggregated picture across the UK of caseload levels to inform our ongoing campaigning.

The tool allows you to record simple information from social workers about caseload sizes, working hours and team/work area. Once the data has been inputted, you can generate statistics and reports on average, minimum and maximum caseload sizes.

This is a really helpful and practical tool. If you would like to gain access to it then please email m.egan@unison.co.uk and he will arrange for you to get your branch specific tool.