Staff care = staff retention

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2016 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
16 June 2016

Conference is concerned to note the impact that the previous government’s ‘Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) agenda’ had had on a previously successful and effective Probation Service. As well as a significant dramatic loss of jobs in the Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) we have also seen the imposition of untested payment by results models of working, and as such previously ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ trusts are now failing in their delivery to supervise offenders and properly protect the public.

The speed at which these changes have been imposed has meant that many staff have felt unsupported and deskilled in their roles, many continue to leave as a result of these changes.

Conference will be concerned to note that the E3 programme in the NPS will also mean significant changes and we do not want to see the same thing happen to our colleagues in the National Probation Service.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

1)Highlight the impact that these changes have had on staff retention, staff morale and on service delivery with the view to lobbying employers in both the CRC and NPS to ensure that better support is available to staff throughout on-going changes.

2)To ensure that branches are well supported in dealing with significant changes, loss of members, changes in communications and the high levels of stress that members are enduring throughout this period.

3)Continue to highlight the impact of these changes to Labour Link in order to reassess TR when we finally have a change of government.