Commitment to double waking night cover

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2016 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
27 September 2016

This conference is concerned at the recent NPS proposal to extend the use of private providers to cover waking nights in Approved Premises.

The issuing of letters to ‘identified’ individuals that they may be TUPE’d over to private providers in 2017 is seen as a premature and provocative act on behalf of the employer.

This conference reaffirms its commitment to double waking night cover (dwc) and calls on the National Probation Committee to lead a campaign to:

Highlight the merits of properly trained, permanent NPS staff within the AP environment.

Raise our concerns over the continued safety of staff, residents and local communities, that private sector provision may entail, with the employer, sister trade unions and local and national politicians where possible.

Advise NPS that meaningful consultation on any proposals in relation to the agreed dwc agreement currently in place, requires the ability to influence any decisions taken and not simply be advised of a planned outcome.

If necessary seek national authority to conduct an indicative industrial action ballot with the whole Approved Premises membership.