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2014 Local Government Service Group Conference
13 February 2014

Conference notes the inability of the current National Joint Council (NJC) to effectively negotiate on behalf of UNISON members. Primarily this is because of intransigence from the employers’ side buoyed by a hostile Westminster Government.

Conference recognises that the current NJC arrangements restrict the ability to negotiate on a National basis within Wales with a predominantly sympathetic Welsh Government and employers association.

Conference believes that the NJC is effectively being left to ‘wither on the vine’ and that the trade unions need to take decisive action to prevent its collapse and the unwelcome consequence of local bargaining.

Conference recognises that in Wales, UNISON has a strong track record in influencing Welsh Government policy and protecting Local Government spending which has protected services in Wales during a sustained period of cuts in England.

Conference understands that an existing Welsh body, the Workforce Partnership Council, could easily extend its remit to take on the role of negotiating on pay, terms & conditions across Local Government in Wales.

Conference therefore agrees for:

1)UNISON to approach the employer’s side to seek their views on national bargaining within Wales.

2)UNISON to inform the other NJC trade unions of our actions.

And should the employers’ side be receptive to such a proposal:

3) The Service Group Executive to produce a report for the 2016 Local Government conference on this issue to include the provision for a ballot of Cymru/Wales UNISON members to seek agreement to pull away from the current NJC in order to create a National Bargaining body for Cymru/Wales.