Police Communications and Control Rooms

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Police Staff Conference 2004
1 March 2004

Conference recalls a lengthy motion agreed at last year’s conference regarding Police Communications and Joint Control Rooms. It also recalls that the motion identified the many problems suffered by members within this area of work.

With the role out of Airwaves the workload has increased without an increase in staffing. With sickness in these rooms the highest of police staff, many are leaving or at breaking point.

Conference also remembers the Bain Review of the fire service, which proposed joint control rooms. With the possibility of Regional Assemblies, and the implementation of Airwaves which crosses boundaries, this proposal could soon become a reality. Regional control rooms are fast becoming a possibility.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1)prioritise the work which it was instructed to do at last year’s Conference as a matter of urgency;

2)arrange a seminar for all branches to re-evaluate the work required and assess the difficulties in each force;

3)meet with the other Emergency Service Groups with a view to draw up an action plan to counteract the proposals of joint control rooms;

4)Develop along with the PSC joint advice on best practice within the call handling environment.