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Police Staff Conference 2004
1 March 2004

Conference is dismayed at the lack of progress by the Service Group Executive on this issue. Police branches received a circular in October 2003 which outlined the following agreements:

1)establish a National Consultative forum, including UNISON and the Civil Service Unions who are recognised by the Highways Agency;

2)regularly exchange information;

3)agree a national strategy to handle the transfer and TUPE issues; UNISON is particularly concerned to ensure that members’ pension entitlements are properly protected in any transfer.

Conference notes that none of these points have been adhered to and has, therefore, put our members’ jobs and pay and conditions at risk.

Conference also notes that in a previous circular, branches were advised not to enter into any local consultation, agreements or potential transfer until further national advice has been received

In the absence of this advice or information from the National Consultative Forum, Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

a)update all branches on the three points;

b)issue up-to-date advice on national developments, clarify TUPE understanding;

c)complete this work by end of September 2004.