Letters to the editor: NHS pay delay

On the 1st April, NHS staff are due a pay rise, but the government has dithered and delayed and NHS staff will still be waiting.

Every day the government delays further, hardworking and dedicated staff are losing out. If Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak had acted on UNISON’s call for a fair, and reasonable pay rise of £2k for everyone working in the NHS, health workers would be earning an extra £38.46 a week.

Writing to local papers is a powerful way to grab MPs attention and pressure them into action to secure NHS workers the pay rise they deserve.

Tips for writing your letter to the editor:

  • Letters to the editor should be short and to the point, try to keep to around 200 words.
  • Take a local angle, include local information or experiences of your branch members, rather than focusing on the national picture.
  • Your letter will be stronger if it’s sent on behalf of a group of NHS staff or your whole branch. Gather a group of staff to co-sign the letter or send as Branch Secretary on behalf of your branch.
  • If you’re sending the letter as a group of staff you can do so anonymously, just include information on how many people have signed, the roles you work in and where.

What to include in your letter:

  • Explain that NHS staff are due a pay rise on 1st April but this spring their pay packets will remain unchanged due to the government’s delays.
  • Make it clear that it’s politicians in charge of NHS pay, they can choose to give NHS workers a fair pay rise now, or make health workers wait even longer.
  • Share the experiences of your branch members during the pandemic, and how they feel about pay delays and the government’s 1% initial pay offer.

Call on local MPs and the public to back a pay rise of £2k for everyone working in the NHS ASAP.

Once you’ve put together your letter:

  • Think about which local papers cover your area, you can pick more than one.
  • To email in your letter, you can search for contact details for local papers using the link below or visit their website directly.