Update course available for job evaluation leads accredited to deliver training locally in 2004/2005

The national Job Evaluation Group (JEG) is planning an update/refresher event in the autumn of 2020 aimed at trainers who were trained and accredited by the Northern College in 2004-5.

The aim of the event will be to update the relevant local trainers on the current job matching and job evaluation materials and enable them to train locally without attending a formal train the trainer course.

This event will be delivered next year solely for those who were originally trained by the Northern College in 2004 or 2005.

This is a good opportunity for local trainers to gain access to up to date training materials and to receive some useful updates from JEG.

The refresher training will not accredit local trainers to deliver outside of their trust.  JEG will be giving priority to those who train in a partnership pair.

If you are one of the original trainers and are interested in attending then please contact Eleanor Ransom at NHS Employers with your name, your organisation and which staff side union you are.  Please also cc in Louise Chinnery in the Health team.

Eleanor Ransom – Eleanor.Ransom@nhsemployers.org

Louise Chinnery – L.Chinnery@unison.co.uk