Heart UNISON 2018

12 – 18 February 2018

It’s back! Up and down the UK, workers will celebrate trade unions, as part of the annual ❤ unions event organised by the TUC.

This year it provides the perfect opportunity to win support for a public sector pay rise and get a wider audience involved in our #PayUpNow! campaign.

There are so many reasons to ❤ our public service champions. They keep us healthy, safe, educated and cared for. And they do all this, despite being served a real terms pay cut for the last seven years. Since 2010 living costs have increased by 22%, while public service pay has gone up by just 4.4%.

Enough is enough. Put your love for public services into action and support the champions that deliver them.

Hundreds of events will be held in workplaces throughout the UK and social media will become a hive of union activity – so let’s use this opportunity to make the case for a fair pay rise for public servants.


Get involved

Hold an event

Invite people in your workplace to a lunchtime session, setup a stall somewhere visible or even encourage members to bring friends and family to a branch social – anything to cast our net far and wide, and get new conversations going.

Use the posters in the resources section below and on the online catalogue to advertise your event.

And make sure you take photos and post them on social media, using the hashtag’s #heartunions and #PayUpNow!

Attend an event

Contact your branch or region to see what’s going on in your area. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people.

You can also join in with TUC events. Find out more on their website heartunions.org

Get social

The #heartunions hashtag is always a trending topic on social media, with thousands of people throughout the UK joining the conversation online. So make sure you use #heartunions and #PayUpNow! to add your voice to the conversation.

Think of a personal reason you ❤ public service champions. There are templates below in the resources section and on the online catalogue, to jazz up your post and get you noticed.

And we’ll release a video at the beginning of the week – make sure you repost it!

You can also download and order TUC heart unions materials at heartunions.org