Our political funds

Contributing to political activity

To take part in political activity unions have to maintain a political fund – and in UNISON you can choose whether to pay a proportion of your subs into the affiliated political fund (Labour Link), the general political fund (GPF), both, or neither.

General political fund

The general political fund (GPF) is not affiliated to any political party. The money you pay into the fund is used to support local campaigns, to give a boost to the union’s national political campaigns and pay for political advertising.

Much of the high profile political campaign work you see from UNISON is paid for by the general political fund.

But its not just the big things the GPF funds. All sorts of national and local projects and campaigns benefit from receiving funding this way, such as anti-cuts campaigns or local campaigns against hospital closures for example.

If your branch has members in it who pay into the GPF, the branch can apply for financial support for a political campaign or activity.

UNISON held a ballot on the general political fund in November 2014 and members voted to keep the fund. Read the report on the ballot result [pdf]. 

General Political Fund application form 2014/15

Political Fund transfer form

Political funds additional fund form (updated August 2011)

Political Fund exemption form

To find out more about the GPF, contactg.politicalfund@unison.co.uk