Modernising Scientific Careers

Conference notes the Terms of Reference of the Modernising Scientific Careers programme oversight board agreed on 29 May 2008 as follows: 1.To oversee and provide the governance for the development of the UK strategy for modernising scientific careers in health. 2.To ensure that the Modernising Scientific Careers (MSC) programme is evidence-based and developed within the […]

Agenda for Change Recruitment and Retention Premia

This Conference notes that the recruitment and retention premia relating to posts specified in table 19 of Annex R of the Agenda for Change (AfC) Terms and Conditions handbook is applicable for the “transitional period” and that section 18 of Annex R provides for future reviews of the guidance. Conference calls on the Service Group […]

Protection of Special Officer status for disabled members

This Conference notes with concern that in cases where reasonable adjustments to role for disabled people are not possible, and subsequently those people are moved into a role that does not qualify for special officer status, NHS Pensions remove their special officer status. We believe this is direct discrimination against disabled members because of the […]

Single Responder Ambulances

This conference notes with concern the policy being adopted by many ambulance trusts of sending a lone ambulance practitioner as an initial response to most emergency calls rather than a traditional double crewed vehicle. This system, known as “the front loaded model” is being initiated in response to the increasing resource pressures on Ambulance trusts. […]